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"Finally- an app that connects the dots between festivals, artists, and fans!"
                     - Duncan Smith, The Funk Hunters

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We built the #FestivalBetter app for those seeking:

  • the deepest artist and event information
  • connection to a supportive Community
  • one-stop immersion in the greater festival scene

FestEvo was conceived to address industry, artist and fan challenges observed by Tucker Gumber, a full-time festival fan experience advocate and author, popularly known as The Festival Guy™. 

Our first solution is the #FestivalBetter app - a single resource to dramatically simplify search and discovery of festival events, exploration of lineups and new music through sound and video, choice of your festivals for the season, engagement with like-minded friends and fans, creation of customized in-event itineraries, and more - including access to ticket swaps, rideshares, meetups, logistics and other services – all to enable fans to effectively plan and enjoy YOUR best personal festival experience! 

Download, engage, enjoy - #FestivalBetter

Explore and Discover: 

Search for and select your Events

Review all Artists on the Lineup

Explore, listen, watch: embedded 

SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube players

Rate your favorite Artists

5 stars = automatic follow, and added to your personal FestEvo playlist.

FestEvo uses your ratings to automatically generate a personalized in-event schedule

Helpful Support Services:


Rideshare to save time, money, and the environment

Ticket Exchanges 

Buy or sell face value tickets

Schedule meetups with friends new and old 

...and more. 

Cool Stuff:  Personalized Custom In-Event Schedule
Rating-driven, color-coordinated personal event schedule - determine what YOU want to watch, and when - then coordinate with friends. 

FestEvo was founded by Tucker Gumber popularly known as 'The Festival Guy,' who has spent the last five years reviewing festivals, advocating for improved the fan experiences, encouraging festival-goers to contribute good work at events, and authoring "The Festival Thrower's Bible" - providing event producers with a checklist of all things they can do to create a magical festival experience for festival-goers.