DATE:Sep, 21st to Sep, 24th
LOCATION:Las Vegas,Nevada
The Life is Beautiful Festival is a newcomer to the world of festivals, being inaugurated in 2013. The festival takes place in down-town Las Vegas, spread out over 15 city blocks. The festival features a variety of rock acts, as well as some hip hop and electronic music.

Festival founder Rehan Choudhry has gone on record stating that he wants the city to reconnect with its (at times chequered) musical past, with early Frank Sinatra getting booed off stage and and Sammy Davis Jr. wasn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t allowed into segregated hotels. The festival is unusual in that it will take place in the heart of the city, in a number of marquees and pavillions, where bands will be preforming, as well as chef expositions, and numerous food stalls.
Indie Rock Rock Electronic Hip/Hop
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Life is Beautiful

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