DATE:Apr, 28th to Apr, 30th
The creators of Boogaloo Mountain Jam are poised to throw your new favorite festival.

The Dirty Beetles have raised the bar with this year’s take on the classic west coast gathering “Boogaloo Mountain Jam”. The once folkloric campout art-car fundraiser has turned into the boutique festival that the whole community is taking part in. Held at the iconic Irvine Lake location (former home of Lightning in a Bottle) Boogaloo Mountain Jam offers a new feel to a familiar space. True to form of the original Mountain Jam, the three DJ stages will be art-cars; Boogaloo, Charlie the Unicorn and The Jabba Barge. 

Three unique cars, all distinct in their sound are loaded with jaw-dropping DJ line ups. 

Don’t expect it to stop there. The Beetles celebrate diversity in creativity. The live music stage, live painters, local vending, performance artists, yoga and a kids zone will ensure that everyone can find their place to have fun.
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Boogaloo Mountain Jam

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