Stand Out On The Lineup
FestEvo treats all of the artists on the lineup equally no matter if they are headlining or playing their first show.

Be Heard
FestEvo allows fans to listen to your music via built in Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube players.

Sell Out Your Tour
FestEvo has SongKick built in so your fans will know you are coming to town.

Promotion Swap
FestEvo chronicles festival lineups so every festival you ever play will point fans to your FestEvo page and vice versa.

Social Hub
FestEvo brings all of your social media sites into one easy to navigate location. 

Have Your Content Seen
Anyone that ranks you with 5 stars will automatically follow your page. FestEvo's news feed is strictly for festivals, artists, and FestivalGoers so it will no become over saturated.


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