How do I submit a festival that is not in FestEvo?
Simply email the festival name to

Do you have to have Spotify Premium to use Spotify in FestEvo?
Yes, you do have to have a premium account but we highly recommend anyone going to a festival does. Spotify gives you access to almost all of the artists playing festivals music.

Do I have to log in with Facebook?
You do not have to log in with Facebook but we recommend it. Our system allows you to add all of your Facebook friends in one button click so you the RSVP system will automatically populate with your friends. 

What is a meetup?
A meetup is a scheduled gathering from people who share something in common.

What are the ticket exchange policies?
The FestEvo ticket exchange is to help tickets find owners. This is face value only. Anyone that posts tickets above face will receive a warning. If they do it again they will be deleted from the app.